TMU 11(1), April 10, 2014

UNO's 2014 National Champions. University of Nebraska at Omaha senior QueenTara Pimentel won a national championship this week in Poetry Interpretation! Seniors Cole Evans and Traelon Graham tied for first place in duo (the tie was broken and they were awarded the second-place trophy).

"UNO had the smallest team in the Top-10 and our smallest team to date, making these awards particularly special," Coach Abbie Syrek said.

1st place: Western Kentucky University (27 students)
2nd: Bradley University (27 students)
3rd: University of Texas at Austin (25 students)
4th: Illinois State University (15 students)
5th: George Mason University (31 students)
6th: Gustavus Adolphus College (13 students)
7th: University of Nebraska Lincoln (18 students)
8th: University of Nebraska Omaha (10 students)
9th: University of Alabama (19 students)
10th: University of Northern Iowa (13 students)

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