TMU 11(2), April 14, 2014

Mister 1960 is Top Student Radio Personality. Senior Matthias Jeske accepted his first place award for Air Personality at the Broadcast Education Association's annual convention in Las Vegas. 

Matthias hosts a weekly two-hour radio program called The Waxx Museum with Mister 1960 on


TMU 11(1), April 10, 2014

UNO's 2014 National Champions. University of Nebraska at Omaha senior QueenTara Pimentel won a national championship this week in Poetry Interpretation! Seniors Cole Evans and Traelon Graham tied for first place in duo (the tie was broken and they were awarded the second-place trophy).

"UNO had the smallest team in the Top-10 and our smallest team to date, making these awards particularly special," Coach Abbie Syrek said.

1st place: Western Kentucky University (27 students)
2nd: Bradley University (27 students)
3rd: University of Texas at Austin (25 students)
4th: Illinois State University (15 students)
5th: George Mason University (31 students)
6th: Gustavus Adolphus College (13 students)
7th: University of Nebraska Lincoln (18 students)
8th: University of Nebraska Omaha (10 students)
9th: University of Alabama (19 students)
10th: University of Northern Iowa (13 students)