TMU 6(7) -- March 10, 2009

Newscast wins award
Vote 2008 to be recognized

The Omaha News Vote 2008 live election coverage Nov. 4 will be honored with an award from the Northwest Broadcast News Association Eric Sevareid awards competition.

Chris Allen is executive producer of The Omaha News

The award in the documentary and special broadcast category will be presented Mar. 28 at the NBNA annual conference in Bloomington, Minn., as part of the Midwest Journalism Conference.

UNO competed against all major student broadcast news operations in the Midwest, and the recognition for the Omaha newscast is its first.

NOMA receives award
Leonard’s service-learning project is funded

The Midwest Consortium for Service-Learning in Higher Education (MCSLHE) has funded UNO’s Students Beyond Boundaries: Social Media Grant.

Lynnette Leonard, Jeremy Lipschultz and Paul Sather collaborated on a project called, “Social Media for Citizen News & Civic Engagement in North Omaha.”

The $10,000 grant is sponsored by South Dakota State University and the Corporation for National & Community Service.

The North Omaha Media Alliance has met throughout the year and is planning to activate citizen journalism on community issues. UNO students are working with NOMA in the training of high school students from Omaha North Magnet High School and Girls Inc.

Of note
Excellence in action

Chris Allen was the moderator and discussant Mar. 6 for a session at the Missouri Valley History Conference. Three papers were presented in the session – “Media, Politics and History.”

* * * *

Cynthia Robinson-Moore guest lectured in Peggy Jones’ Black Women in America class Feb. 10. “My students were clearly engaged with your research on how Black women are affected by the construction of beauty in American society,” Jones told her. “Your dialogue pedagogy enabled both the students and myself to interact with both you and your material in a rich and fulfilling manner.”

* * * *

Bruce Johansen published “Warmer times on the coldest continent” in the March, 2009 issue of Nebraska Report: “Even as some of the skeptics crow about a colder Antarctic, ice shelves along the continent’s edge are collapsing,” he wrote (p. 6).

Did you know?

People in the news

Bruce Johansen will join a panel of global warming experts May 1 at The Progressive’s 100th Anniversary Conference in Madison, Wisc. The program is called, “Saving the Environment.”

* * * *

Ana Cruz’s student Craig Haverty thanked her for support in an interview that led to a job with the Bellevue Police Department.

Evidence of excellence

1. Communication researchers are presenting their work at the Central States Communication Association meeting in St. Louis:

"War Games: An Analysis of Emotional Appeals and Identification in Darryl Worley's 'Have You Forgotten,'" Nicole Baxley, undergraduate.

"Speaking Ill of the Dead: An analysis of," Lynnette Leonard and Paige Toller.

"Gateways and Entries Between the Zeroes and Ones: Toward Online Identity Assembly Theory," Adam Tyma and Lynnette Leonard.

"Pushing Past the Walls Media Literacy, the Egalitarian Classroom, and a Really Severe Learning Curve," Adam Tyma.

The week in photos

Images from around the school

Volunteers lined the 60th and Dodge St. pedestrian bridge Mar. 4 to raise awareness for MS and the National MS Awareness Week.

The team "lit" the pedestrian bridge orange on the Day of Hope by holding banners, wearing orange t-shirts and displaying balloons.

* * * *

Instructor Courtney Fristoe’s honors public speaking class Feb. 27 began the first of four service-learning engagements with students from Buffett Middle School.

Students meet for the first time

UNO students are helping Buffett students organize, practice, and deliver a reflection speech about a service-learning project they have been involved in during the school year. UNO student mentors work to sharpen communication skills, and everyone enjoyed pizza, soda pop and cookies. The second meeting is scheduled for Mar. 13.

Dates & times
Mark calendars for interesting events


12 – UkNOw Choices, MBSC Nebraska Room, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

24 – Alumnus Mark Allen, MBSC Chancellor's Room, 11:30 a.m.

27 – Research Colloquium, ASH 110, 10 a.m.

31 – Communication Career Development Workshop, MBSC Dodge Room, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.


13 – CEL, RT & TC Celebration, Collaborating Commons, 3 p.m.

16 National Organ Donor Awareness event, MBSC Plaza, 11:30 a.m.

– High School Journalism Workshop, MBSC Ballroom, 12 p.m.
– NOMA Celebration, MBSC Chancellor's Room, 5 p.m.

28 – PRSSA Presentations, MBSC Chancellor’s Room, 4 p.m.

29 – Persuasion Poster Session, MBSC Dodge Rooms, 10 a.m.

– Scholarship Breakfast, MBSC Chancellor’s Room, 10 a.m.; 5th Annual Alumni Panel, MBSC Dodge Rooms A & B, 1 p.m.; Reception, WFAB Art Gallery, 4:30 p.m.; 54th Annual Awards Banquet, Thompson Alumni Center, 6 p.m.

5 – UNO 2009 Service Award Ceremony, MBSC, 11:30 a.m.

8 - Communication Graduation Breakfast, MBSC Ballroom School, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.; Commencement, Omaha Civic Auditorium, 2 p.m.

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